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A Newbie’s Guide To Planning Group Golf Breaks

Being a newbie on many things sometimes make us feel insecure and unimportant. For those who are risk takers intent on trying out new things, this is a big challenge. As a newbie on the subject of golf,, how can you take a risk on planning a golf vacation with a group? Just thinking of the idea sometimes makes newbies nervous and with the thought “what if something went wrong?”. In today’s modern technology, guidelines for planning golf breaks is just one click away with the internet offering many options for you to follow. Sports magazines, and newsletters are also a big help for your planned venture.

  • Initiate (Take the lead)
  • There is no rule that newbies are not going to be leaders. As we know, sometimes, unless someone will take the first step, no one will. But be sure that before voicing out the plan with others, make everything ready and complete. Being the planner, at most times also make you the initiator.

  • Know the basics of the sport
  • Since you are planning for a golf vacation, you must know at least the basics of the game. In this way, you will know what activities to plan, where to go and you can relate to topics about golf while on vacation with the group. You as a planner must know what you are planning for.

  • Ask for advice
  • Do not be ashamed to ask other expert planners for tips and recommendations. Nothing is more valuable than suggestions from those who have experienced what you have undergone. Basically they were once newbies too just like you are.

  • Outline /List your Plans
  • As a planner, you have to list the choices for the group. Give them a chance to make suggestions since you are going with them. List the choices for destinations, flight schedules and the various arrangements for the trip.

  • Choose your group
  • One of the basic steps is to choose who are going with you on the trip, and how many you want them to be. It is better to list them in order of how much you want each of them to go. It is better to have a group of newbies and professionals for a balance mix of the kind of people on the trip.

  • Money, Money
  • Know the budget of the group and how much they are willing to pay for the trip.

Whatever guidelines you may follow, the important things is everyone is having a great time during the golf trip, which is the ultimate prize for all the effort you put in the planning phase.

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