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Booking Tee Times In Portugal: A Brief Guide For Newbies

If this is your first time planning a golf getaway in Portugal, congratulations! There are avid golfers that love visiting this part of the world when wanting to play a few rounds. Such courses offer great experiences, adventure and relaxing atmosphere you won’t forget. As someone new to the concept there are things you should research further to ensure you get the best deals and you find something suitable for your interests. Here are tips to help you book tee times in Portugal.

  • Check out popular golf courses to book times and compare. Portugal offers a wide variety of golf courses. Learn about courses you want to play based on destination. When you find courses you are interested in learn about their policies as far as booking tee times.
  • Learn about discounts available for booking early. Booking early in many cases has not only helped save money, but there are perks you can enjoy when considering membership status at certain establishments. There are many courses that recommend booking tee time in advance before arriving. Others may not specify when you should book. If you are confused about when you can contact the course. Few make it easy to book online or over the phone.
  • Ask other travelers for tips and what they learned. Chances are there are other golfers that were in your shoes. There are avid golfers who are quite experienced in booking tee times in Portugal. They may do this for golf holidays or golf breaks they take each year. They may know some tips or things to look for when booking tee times. They may also suggest golf courses for you to visit.
  • Find courses suitable for you skill level while offering tee times that fit your schedule. It is important to consider options that fit your play level. This is a good time to learn other details about courses such as scorecards, course map, events, and any lessons or instruction to improve your abilities.
  • Be aware of any fees or penalties if you are not able to keep your tee time. There are courses that state what happens if you don’t keep your reservation or tee time. There could be cancelation fees to pay. You should also look into other situations such as what happens if you arrive late. Check with the golf course about these details when booking.
“When you come to Portugal for a holiday, you will enjoy the cultural divide, the tourist attractions and most importantly interacting with the amazing people. For this incredible adventure, you will need to make sure that you plan ahead of schedule so that you have a better chance of enjoying a good time here.”

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