For Grades 3-5

By Debbie Livingston

1. After your Bluff Lake field trip, return to one of the nature journal links
  Racoon Tracks Beaver Tracks Coyote Tracks Rabbit Tracks Fox Tracks
2. Read the “Personal Notes” section at the end of the journal entry.
3. Complete your journal with your own “Personal Notes” section on the back page. Record one to two paragraphs about your Bluff Lake experience and your favorite animal or habitat sightings.

This entry should include both facts and personal thoughts about your experience such as:

  A. Did the prairie and wetland habitats at Bluff Lake look as you expected from your research?
  B. Did you see wildlife or animal clues? Were they where you predicted you would find them in your oral talk?
  C. Draw or write what you saw.
  D. Write about how you felt as a Bluff Lake Explorer.
4. Complete the Self-Evaluation Form: print Self-Evaluation Form, fill it in, and turn it in to your teacher. Include your Nature Journal for your teacher to copy if necessary.

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