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4 Easy Lower Back Exercises Every Golfer Ought To Try

When you decide to play golf there are so many amazing things that you can learn in the process. You can easily get some useful skills that you can use in other aspects of your life. One of these is learning to interact with people. The thing about golf is that you will come across so many amazing people here, and how you can interact with them will shape the rest of your life. However that being said, there are some exercises that you also need to learn in order to make your work easier whenever you are playing here.

Once you perfect these lower back exercises, there is a good chance that you will have things a lot easier in the long run, and you will also manage to play golf without having to worry about injuries. The following are some of the easiest lower back exercises that you can practice:

  • The dead bug

  • Super couch stretch

  • Cook hip lift

  • Paloff press

The dead bug

This routine is aimed at helping you get a stronger core. With a stronger core, you will effectively ease the pressure that you would otherwise exert on your lower back. When you follow through on this exercise, it will be easier for you to strengthen the core muscles, especially the muscles at the deep abdominals.

While you are performing this routine, make sure that you have your lower back flush on the ground throughout, while at the same time having your butt off the ground.

Super couch stretch

For those who struggle with back pain, you need to understand the cause of this pain. In most cases the pain will be as a result of tightness in some of the muscles of your back. For most people, the pain is usually as a result of the hip flexor. This exercise will help you ease the strain off your lower back, while additionally helping your glutes.

Cook hip lift

In this routine you will be specifically working out the glutes. For those players who experience a lot of back pain, it is usually as a result of the glues being weakened. By keeping them stronger through this exercise, you are taking off the pressure from your lower back.

Paloff press

The importance of this exercise routine is that it works to strengthen your core and improve your stability. Therefore your lower back becomes protected from danger.

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