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Nice Golf Swing Takeaway Drills To Help You Win More Often

If there is one area you plan to work on this season then let it be the swing takeaway. You’ll be surprised to see, how improving your takeaway can significantly increase the win percentage. In this article, we discuss some of the best takeaway drills for golfers struggling to get it right.

Initial Movement Drill

The Initial Movement Drill will ensure your arms, shoulders, chest, and hips move on the correct path working as one unit.

Assume the normal stance and get ready to address the ball. Instead of using your normal grip, move down the shaft and hold the club below the grip area. At this point, the butt end of the grip/club must be pressed against your stomach; try to rest it against your belly button.

Now, initiate the backswing by taking your hands back. Don’t turn or rotate your wrists. Playing the one piece takeaway bring the club back till the club head is hip high. When you play the backswing the left arm must come directly under the chin.

From the normal position till the point where the club head is hip high, the butt end of the club must be in the same position (i.e.) pressing the belly button. The absence of coordination between arms, hands, hips, and chest will force the butt end of the club away from the belly button area during the takeaway.

The Range Basket Drill

The Range Basket Drill is another simple one piece takeaway drill you can routinely practice to improve your swing. You’ll need a range basket for this drill; through it can be practiced even with a beach ball or basketball.

Get into a normal addressing position and instead of a club hold a range basket with both your hands. Grasp basket on its sides, so that its open end is pointing at the spot where the ball is normally positioned.

Now, similar to the previous drill play the backswing till the range basket reaches the hip height. Don’t turn, twist, or rotate your wrists during the one piece takeaway. The backswing must be in one smooth motion.

Ask a friend to stand a few feet behind the ball. When the range basket reaches your hip height, your friend must be able to clearly see inside the basket. If you’re practicing this drill with a beach ball or basketball, then the hemisphere away from you must be clearly visible to your friend.

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