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A Brief Guide On Vilamoura Golf Courses Known Around The World

Vilamoura in Algarve is the place for plush golf courses that are famous for their architecture and golfing facilities all around the world. If you are in Algarve, you must visit at least one of them to have to experience of a lifetime.

Laguna golf course

The 18 holes of Laguna are laid out on a leveled ground. The eleventh and the twelfth holes are an exception that the golfer over and around the lakes. The course has open fairways with a few trees posing troubles. The Laguna golf course poses challenges almost similar to the Links course. There are several water hazards and well-positioned bunkers in the open terrains. Such factors, when blended with occasional sturdy winds, offer an interesting round of golf.

Millennium Golf Course

The 18-hole golf course is situated in the resort area of Vilamoura. Martin Hawtree extended his genuine idea of 27 holes by incorporating 9 more holes and created two distinctive courses. The new holes come in the region of Millennium Course. They meander among the pine trees parkland, which are typically found at the Algarve coast.

Old Course

The Old Course is situated in the region of Vilamoura and is the second oldest course in Algarve. Laid out in the umbrella pinewood, it takes advantage of natural contours. The initial holes invite you for an easy game of par 4s. The fourth hole is a par-3 play, but you need to select your golf cup clubs carefully after that to hit straight shots. You will face peculiarity at the ninth hole. You will find the 522 meters of challenge at the 16th hole to hit a good length of shot.

Pinhal Golf Course

Being the sister golf course of four other courses, Pinhal golf course is also located in Vilamoura. It is designed in the forest of pine trees and has a beach area close by. The external nine holes meander

through holiday villas lining the fairways. Strategically placed bunkers make this golf course great fun to play for the golfers, testing their golf clubs choice and accuracy of shots.

Victoria Golf Course

Victoria golf course is a famous championship course located in Vilamoura. The course is designed over flat terrains and it covers almost 90 hectares. It also consists of a series of fabricated mounds that are specifically designed to imitate the delineation of inland hills located on the horizon. Victoria golf course hosts the Portugal Master every year, which is an event of European Tour.

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