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Algarve Golf Booking Recommendations For First-Timers

The best gift you can give your family, friends and colleagues is a golf trip to Algarve. The southernmost part of Portugal is one of the best golf destinations in the world. It is home to numerous luxury accommodations and world standard golf courses. One piece of advice; before you rush to book a golf package, here are some useful recommendations for first-timers.
  • The abundance of hotels and golf courses in Algarve is enough to confuse any golf enthusiast planning a holiday. Every accommodation and course is different; each has something unique and different to offer. Moreover, a wrong choice could totally ruin your first trip to Algarve. Invest time and effort to research the region and find the accommodation and course(s) that would suit you.

  • Algarve is a very popular holiday destination and it’s impossible to find good rooms and tee times during golf season. Never wait till the last moment to book. Some experts might try to convince you to wait till the last minute discounts are made available. Ideally, holidaymakers must book well in advance or wait till the last moment. We would recommend you chose the former one – booking well in advance.

  • The ultimate goal of the golf vacation is to have fun playing your favorite sport. Playing under extreme weather conditions (i.e.) during hot summer months or cold winter months will certainly not make an ideal golf holiday. Find out the best time to visit Algarve, the maximum and minimum temperatures, and the amount of rainfall during that period.

  • Although some rules are the same at all golf clubs, each of them has evolved their own rules, conditions, and policies that differ with other clubs. Once you have shortlisted the courses to visit, it’s only wise to call or mail them to enquire of their rules and policies. Golf is a gentleman’s game; it requires players to follow certain rules about attire, etiquette, etc.

  • There is more to Algarve than just golf. Portugal has a rich history and culture, and there are plenty of tourist hotspots in the form of theme parks, beaches, castles, churches, etc. Plan the off-the-course itinerary of things to do and prepare it after much research.

  • All flights aren’t the same; some charge more for golf equipment and some even request an undertaking from passengers absolving the airlines of any liability if the golf equipment gets damaged. The air rates also vary from flight to flight, and rates change according to the month, demand, and even day of the flight. Book the air tickets after taking everything into consideration.
“When you come to Portugal for a holiday, you will enjoy the cultural divide, the tourist attractions and most importantly interacting with the amazing people. For this incredible adventure, you will need to make sure that you plan ahead of schedule so that you have a better chance of enjoying a good time here.”

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