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Developing Your Own Golf Strategy In 5 Basic Steps

A good golf strategy may vary depending on what type of shot you are taking. Overall, there are a few things to think about when considering your shot no matter the level of difficulty. Elements such as game techniques and swing fundamentals can help you achieve better strategies and lower scores when tweaked overtime. Here are 5 steps to consider when developing your golf strategy.

  1. Consider where you are hitting the ball to on the green before hitting it. In this case it helps to choose the right iron or at least have a few ideas on which to use to get the best result. When you think about where the ball needs to go it gives insight on which club to use and how to set up for the shot.
  2. Know how to keep your swing under control and have different swing motions to consider depending on the hole being played. Know when you need a full or partial backswing. Also consider aspects of your swing such as your stance and distance from the ball. Consider the best way to get the ball near the target.
  3. Keep swing tempo controlled to ensure club head makes good contact at the right speed. Work to be consistent with rhythm. Swing tempo may not be an element golfers pay attention to. They may focus more on how they swing or the length of their backswing. Establishing good tempo helps create a smoother swing that can result in good contact when you follow through the shot.
  4. Maintain good attitude as you visualize your shot. In other words, pay attention to distance. When considering your abilities be positive. You may not be where you want to be as a player but you are working toward it. Keep visualizing your shots before taking them. Visualizing your shot helps keep it the play in perspective that is realistic. It helps you stay calm and gives an idea of what can happen when you hit the ball for real.
  5. Review setup and how you approach ball at address. You may have a few ideas on what to do when addressing the ball and setting up for your shot. Yet, sometimes this element can be changed or adjusted in certain aspects to ensure a good end result. Take time to make small changes and practice plays to see what happens.
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