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7 Unique Features Of The Pinhal Golf Course In Portugal

On vacation, you’re free to experiment with accommodation and even the tourist locations to visit. But, when it comes to golf holiday in Portugal there is no room for experimentation. There are certain golf courses that are a must visit for any golf lover visiting Portugal. At the top of the list is the Pinhal Golf Course in Vilamoura. This fantastic course has many exciting features; some of them are mentioned below.

  1. This is a classic golf course built and opened to the public in 1976. The Pinhal happens to be the second course created in Vilamoura – the best golf destination in the Algarve. The original course was designed by Frank Pennik. In the mid 80’s the management felt the need to make the course more challenging. They brought in Robert Trent Jones to re-design, re-structure, and induce new life into the course.
  2. The unique feature of the Pinhal Golf Course is its rolling parkland landscape. Players can observe the abundance of the umbrella and widespread presence of Atlantic pine trees. The pine trees border the fairways of many holes. You’ll also notice the pines close to some of the greens offer a pretty sight to the golfers.
  3. Well, as the saying goes, ‘Those who dare to dream Succeed’. The American designer, Robert Trent Jones wanted to create a unique golf course that’s exciting and challenging to play. He decided to take a gamble and mix two architectural designs – American and British.
  4. Golfers who have played in many parts of the world are generally familiar with the different types of courses. But, the Pinhal Golf Course is a very different kind of course. The mix of two designs offers to the players the best of both worlds. The golfers have to really play well to succeed on this course.
  5. Don’t take chances at this course. Equip yourself with the best golf clubs, practice well before you set foot on the ground, plan a strategy, and stay focused while playing. It won’t be easy for you at the Pinhal Golf Course. Several holes have been restructured and as many as five holes have lakes and water hazards.
  6. Precession and patience are the keys to performing well at the Pinhal Golf Course. The stunning view of the sea and the gentle breeze from the pine trees will make it very hard for you to concentrate on the game.
  7. Not just the grounds, the clubhouse has also seen some changes over the years. A decade or so back the clubhouse was given an extensive makeover to make it more appealing to the modern golfer. Players can relax in the veranda of the clubhouse and thoroughly enjoy the view of the putting greens and driving range.
“When you come to Portugal for a holiday, you will enjoy the cultural divide, the tourist attractions and most importantly interacting with the amazing people. For this incredible adventure, you will need to make sure that you plan ahead of schedule so that you have a better chance of enjoying a good time here.”

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