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The Most Efficient Golf Tips Or Drills For Beginners

Efficient or effective

For something to be considered "efficient", it must use time well. In a golfing context, that means we can't apply tips and practice drills that will have us out on the practice ground hitting balls until the sun goes down. Beginner players usually have most of their time taken up by a job and a family so they need advice that is low input but has a high output.

With efficiency in mind, this article presents one tip that a beginner player can apply right away followed by a selection of drills that will groove good swing habits.

Get your GASP right

This acronym stands for:

  • Grip

  • Alignment

  • Stance

  • Posture

These are the legs that hold up the table of your golf set up. When you approach the ball to hit a shot, you should set these elements in the order I have outlined. Your GASP is the one fundamental of golf and you shouldn't be working on anything more advanced until you get this right.


  1. When you are hitting balls on the driving range, lay a club down on the ground along your toe line to ensure good alignments.

  2. When you take practice swings, break your swing into pieces by stopping at the points through your swing- half way through the backswing, at the top of the backswing, half way down to the ball, etc.

  3. Hit practice shots in a golf net so you can focus 100% on the contact rather than the result of the shot. You will learn to let go of the outcome (where the ball lands)

  4. Place a club shaft in the ground at your right heel and a shaft in the ground at your left heel. Taking swings within this "gate" will ensure that you rotate rather than slide.

  5. Put a pencil in your mouth and point it at the ball as you practice. This drill will force you to keep your head level. You won't have the problem of looking up too quickly if you use the pencil drill.
Without a golf club, get into your golf stance and posture, cross your arms and place your palms on your chest. Then turn your shoulders back and through as if you were swinging at a ball. This drill will get you to focus on your turn and body motion and free you from having to worry about what your hands and arms are doing in the swing.
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