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Helpful Information For Golf Amateurs On Quinta Do Peru Golf Club

Not just the Algarve

The Quinta Do Peru course can be found south of Lisbon and around 40 minutes south of the airport by car. Designed by Rocky Roquemore (who has made a name for himself on the Portuguese golf design circuit having designed a few courses in the Algarve) the course is in the middle of a pine forest in the Azeitao region with a view of the Arrabida mountains in the distance.

The long and the short of it

The course is a Par 72 on the scorecard and measures 6032 yards; not too long for most amateurs and with enough par-5's to help you get a good score or salvage a bad one. Not only that, the fairways are generous so big hitters who are not too straight will do okay here.

However, the course takes quite a bit of getting used to so don't be dismayed if you don't score well your first time round.

Starting as you mean to go on

The 1st and the 10th holes are both par fives so you can get your round (or your back nine) off to a good start with a birdie. You will need all of the birdies you can find by the time you get to the 8th and the 16th holes - both are par-3's played over water with lakes guarding the front of the green so you will need to hit your best to avoid a watery grave. Many players who have played the course say that the front nine gets you warmed up but the back nine is the real golfing treat.

Getting through the gates

The Quinta Do Peru is one of the most exclusive clubs in Portugal and the only way to get through the stringent qualifying process and get a tee time is to book well in advance. Also, once you turn up at the course, you will need an official handicap certificate from your home club.

Practice makes perfect

You'll find a driving range/practice ground where you can hit irons shots off grass and take a divot (which will improve your iron game) but beware because the practice ground is in full view of the clubhouse so everybody will be watching you while having a beer. You don't want to be hitting grass cutters while the membership is watching you from the comfort of the 19th hole.

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