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A Collection Of Easy And Efficient Putting Drills For Golf

All professional golfers have drills, which they utilize to maintain their putting skills. Putting is a critical part of the short game and you can never learn to break par if your putting skills are not in place. First of all, you need to decide whether you require putting drills to improve the techniques to imitate the intensity of tournaments in your performance.

The mirror drill

A mirror is a famous training aid on the golf course and it can verify whether the putter face is made even at address. The mirror also lets you check if your eyes are at the right position with respect to the ball. You can use the mirror with a string line to do a self-check. A metronome can be a very useful tool in order to drill your correct tempo that is needed to attain consistent control over distance on all of your putts.

The ladder drill

You need to enhance the putting from a long range. You can give yourself a chance to make a few short putts within 5 feet from golf hole. This drill is created to enhance your putting from greater distance. Position a tee in ground in a row at 10, 20, 30, and 40 feet respectively. You are required to control your distance as you hit the putts one by one. Hit a putt shot at the 10 feet, i.e. the first tee. Now, hit the 20-feet tee, then 30-feet tee and the 40-feet tee at last. In all the shots, you need to control the distance the ball covers; it must stop at the closest distance possible to the tee.

Next, you need to close this ladder of tees hypothetically. From the first tee, try to hit the putt shot at the 30-feet tee, followed by the 20-feet tee and then the 10-feet tee. Finally, this drill enables you to close the ladder of tees. You can continue this drill by observing the same sequence, but from the other opposite direction. In case all your initial putts were played on the uphill, you will face the new series of downhill putts, which are more difficult than the uphill ones. If you are able to navigate this ladder drill successfully, your skills and feeling of golf on the course should improve. It will take some time, but your putting will definitely improve.

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