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A Brief Overview Of Popular Golf Training Tools

It’s a fast moving world. Not many have the patience to follow the age-old techniques to master the game of golf. Why do you’ve to waste time, when you’ve training tools that can help you improve your game, in more ways than one? Although, traditional methods of learning and practicing are still indispensable, the training tools mentioned below make the process simpler, faster, and affordable. So, let’s check out the list.

The Orange Whip Swing Trainer

The Orange Whip is considered by many as the most effective golf swing trainer currently available in the market. Junior golfers, PGA Pro golfers, or just part-time golf amateurs – this versatile tool is designed to improve the swing of every golfer. The unique feature of this training tool is that it teaches you how to swing the hard way. The flexible shaft and the heavy counterweight head will tell you when you’re taking the club back too fast or hitting too steep on the downswing. The system is designed to correct the majority of your swing problems.

Putter Wheel

Most golfers don’t realize that the putt is half the game. On average if you take two strokes per green, for an 18-hole course, the number of strokes comes up to 36; that’s half of par-72. To become the master of putt shot use the Putter Wheel. At first glance what you see is a ball with its sides cut, but the tool is cleverly engineered to help you master the putt. This wheel like structure is designed to do three things: (i) help you see the line of the ball correctly, (ii) helps you set up at the proper distance from the ball, and (iii) provides live feedback on the accuracy of your stroke.


If you want to improve the tempo and form of your swing the Medicus Hinged Driver is the tool to choose. The working mechanism of this training driver is very simple – if you don’t swing correctly the tool will hinge and the shaft will break. Yep, the Medicus driver identifies the error and informs you by breaking at the hinge, but if you swing properly the shaft will remain straight.

Tour Striker

The developers of this tool have taken a standard club and modified to make it into the Tour Striker. When observed carefully, you’ll notice the lower part of the club face has been shaved off. With the lower part of club removed golfers can generate more spin and achieve a greater draw. The Tour Striker is the ideal training tool for those having problems with backspin and hitting the ball high in the air.

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