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Essential Advice to help you get a Solid Contact with the Golf Ball

Think about the impact only if you face problem with the crispness of shot

It obviously does not feel good to chunk or top your shot, but it happens with every golfer, even the professionals. Now, you have to choose one solution- either you can spend all the time fixing your swing to find the perfect movement, or you can concentrate on one directive with your subconscious mind that informs you to hit the golf ball on the clubface’s sweet spot. But, how can you judge that the problem is with the impact or before the impact?

Indications of a poor impact

When your wrist breaks down prior to impact, it often gives rise to a flipping motion, which is called collapsing. Following are the indications of a poor impact.

  • You lose distance if your impact is not proper.

  • You do not feel the crispness in your shots, and you feel that you need to jump on each shot.

  • Your iron shots are short of bite; they float rather than fly.

In addition, if you feel that your irons feel like tuning forks once you make a contact, it is a good indicator that you need to observe your wrists and hands at impact.

What you can do

Grab your pitching and sand wedge to the driving range or backyard. Practice a few flop shots, short wedges just like 5 yarders, 10 yarders. You need to focus on keeping the wrists firm till the time you let the ball go. You need to pay heed to your wrist’s back. Your hands should get to the golf ball prior the head of the club, when your hands lead your way. It becomes difficult to collapse when your hands are able to reach the golf ball first.

Practice these kind of shots while keeping your wrists firm till the time you 18” or more. If you flip at it prior to it, you will observe immediately that your ball will jump off your club. The strike will feel much more solid.

Try this drill to your driving range to work on the longer clubs, attempting for the same reaction you experience with the short wedges. Do not leave your impact for a chance. You need to make conscious efforts to keep your grip and wrists firm. If you face trouble with your crispness of shots, you must think about the impact only.

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