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Reasons To Choose Penina Golf Club If You’re A Newbie

Although many golf resorts claim the title of ‘Home of Portuguese Golf’, only one deserves the name – the Penina Hotel and Golf Resort. Situated in the Western Algarve region, this resort is one of the finest in Europe. It’s also popular worldwide for housing three fine golf courses. One of the courses – the Sir Henry Cotton Championship Course happens to be the first golf course built in Algarve.

Three world standard golf courses – what more can a golf newbie ask for. Playing on three wonderful golf courses can do to your game what thousands of hours of practice can’t do. If you’re a newbie, your game will become a lot better after spending time on these three courses. Let’s find out more about the courses.

The Sir Henry Cotton Championship Course

This golf course needs no introduction. Since you’re a newbie, we’ll share with you why the course is so popular. The Sir Henry Cotton Championship Course was the first 18-hole golf course in Algarve. Since it was first opened to the public the course has hosted the Portuguese Open ten times. This course was designed by – well you already know – the legendary Sir Henry Cotton. It’s famous among golfers for being both satisfying and challenging. Long and wide fairways, elevated greens, slopes, deep bunkers, water hazards, and streams, keep even the best golfers on their toes. A little bit of challenge will help you improve faster, so don’t hesitate, take the plunge.

The Resort Course

This is the ideal course for newbies. You can put into action the fundamentals, tips, and tricks that you learned from your golf instructor on this 9-hole course. While a more gentle and satisfying course is best for the beginners, they are not restricted to just this small course. The Resort Course also has an 18-hole layout best suited for more experienced players. Both these courses follow the style and design that was laid out and made popular by Sir Henry Cotton.

The Academy Course

The 9-hole layout of the Resort Course is ideal for the newbies and the Sir Henry Cotton Championship Course is best suited for the most experienced players, but what about golfers who fall in the intermediate category. For them, the Penina resort offers the Academy Course. This course demands players to have reasonable skills. We are sure that even beginners will enjoy this 9-hole course. It doesn’t demand too much from the players, so even newbies can have a fun and satisfying time on the Academy Course.

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