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Essential Things to Know About the Types of Golf Courses

There are various norms to classify golf courses. They can be categorized by the length of the course, by ownership, or by their design and setting. The courses shorter than 18 holes are meant for various purposes. If you do not have much time to play a full round of 18 holes, or if you are an amateur player, you can go to smaller courses. Let us discuss about the types of courses according to their design:

Links courses

They are mostly instituted in United Kingdom. The genuine links courses are located in a thin strip of grass, dunes and sand which lay amid the agricultural land and sea. The golf courses linked these land and water forms together. These kinds of courses consist of undulating fairways, deep bunkers, sand dunes and a few trees. Some of the celebrated links courses can be found in Ireland or Scotland such as including St Andrews, Portmarnock, Turnberry, and Ballybunion.

Parkland courses

These are the most common type of golf courses. They can be found in US. The distinguishing features of these courses are well maintained lush fairways, rough thick bunkers, and mature trees. They are typically situated in the interiors of the place. However, some of the best parkland style courses can be found near the coastlines.

Resort courses

This style of courses is widespread in vacation states such as Florida. They are run and owned by resort companies and hotels. Resort courses are a delight to play for the golfers in spite of the measure of golf they choose to play. These courses have typically extensive fairways. The rough terrains are cut short fairly. They have stunning visuals throughout the course. You will find lakes, mature trees, and shallow, large sand traps.

Heath land courses

This style of golf courses is situated within inlands which feature rolling, gentle fairways. The fairways meander through scenery full of shrubs and bushes along with some mature trees. A famous venue of Ryder Cup in UK is the Walton Heath, which is also one of the oldest courses, is designed in the style of a heath land.

Desert golf courses

This style of golf course is usually set up in the southwestern part of the US. Since they are located in desert, they have to the watered heavily. You will typically find oases of green amid the long patches of sand. They are comparatively flatter due the climate and surroundings of the countries they are located in. However, you will also find some great features in the best desert golf courses like large areas of sandy waste encircling the fairways, lakes, along with sloping, large greens. The distinguishing features of these courses are cacti, sand, rocky outcrops and palm trees, which give a very unique feeling to them.

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